Camille Rivière   Camille@camilleriviereselction.com

Camille was raised in Paris and the Loire Valley amongst the vineyards and caves.  By the age of 16 Camille was skipping school to go to wine tastings.  Her mother noticed her enthusiasm for drinking so she enrolled Camille in her first wine classes.  Her initial epicurean interests soon became a career choice, and in 2003 she graduated from the Ecole Hoteliere de Paris, then completed a Bachelors degree in hotel & restaurant management at Universite Dauphine. Internships as a chef de partie in northern England and as assistant food & beverage manager in a four-star hotel in Paris strengthened her bacchanalian desire to work in this field, but more specifically in the wine industry.

Her first official wine internship was at Morrell Wine & Company. After two years on the retail side, she wanted to get a sense of the import and distribution world so she started working for Frederick Wildman and Son’s.  She worked like a mad woman for 5 years selling wine and traveling the world to taste and meet winemakers

During the summer of 2011, while travelling through the vineyards of France, meeting winemakers she came to the realization that she was drawn to wines that were more on the “natural” side, and Camille Rivière Selections was born.

She now lives in Brooklyn with her wife, while traveling back and forth to France for work.